One main entrée offered—this is how it works:

1. Reserve

Make a reservation at the featured restaurants and mention, you are coming with the RED DINING BOOK (on busy Fridays or Saturdays, restaurants have the option to limit the number of reservations).

2. Come together

Show up with the RED DINING BOOK in the restaurant with at least one additional person and order at least two main entrées.

3. One main entrée offered

Show before payment the RED DINING BOOK and get the less expensive main entrée offered (with a maximum discount of $30) in each of the featured restaurants.

Please find the full details in our Terms of Service!

Los Angeles 2024

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Further explanations

Dining for two

You can only use the Red Dining Book ("Book") if you are dining with at least one additional person, and at least two people are ordering a main entrée. You are restricted to using more than one Book, or voucher in the Book at a time, even if dining with more than two people. Moreover, the Book cannot be combined with other special offers of the restaurant, or on special occasions such as New Year's Eve, Christmas, or other celebrated holidays.

Make a reservation

Use of the Book requires you to inform the restaurant that you are planning on using the Book at the time of reservation, and you are required to physically bring the Book with you to the restaurant; the restaurant is not obliged to accept the Book and therefore the voucher if this condition is not met. The restaurant has the right to limit or refuse the number of guests with the Book on busy days (i.e., Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays), public holidays, or special events. The Book may only be redeemed at the selected restaurants found in the Book.

One free main entrée

Each of the selected restaurants in the Book entitles you to one free main entrée from each of the restaurant’s current menus when ordering at least two main entrées, and providing that the discount for the main entrée does not exceed a maximum amount of thirty dollars ($30.00). To be clear, You and/or your guest must purchase at least two main entrées to take advantage of the voucher. The maximum discount for the main entrée is limited to thirty dollars ($30.00). The cheaper of the two main entrées, limited to a maximum discount of thirty dollars ($30.00), ill be discounted accordingly. For the purposes of this Agreement, pasta and pizza are also considered main entrées. If a restaurant does not clearly declare its’ dishes as “main entrées” on its menu, you are obligated to confirm with the restaurant prior to ordering what menu items are eligible for the use of the vouchers in the Book. If a restaurant only offers whole meal menus or prix fixe menus, a maximum credit of thirty dollars ($30.00) shall be applied. Depending on the restaurant, the selected restaurants may or may not offer discounts with the Book on lunch menu items as well. Always confirm with the restaurant prior to ordering to avoid any issues with redemption.

Validating the Voucher

When it is time to pay your bill, and upon proper presentation of the whole authentic Book, the restaurant will place a stamp, autograph, or other signifying mark visible above the respective side of the restaurant in the Book; the voucher shall no longer be valid after the restaurant places such a marker in the Book.

One year

The Book shall be valid from January 1, 2024 until December 31, 2024. RED DINING BOOK does not assume any responsibility if the restaurants listed in the Book do not maintain their offer due to change of ownership, tenancy, closure, or any force majeure incidents as described in our Terms of Service.


By purchasing and using the Red Dining Book, you agree to our full Terms of Service