Our Story

As Swiss, we have had the privilege of appreciating wonderful food, exploring the world, and learning about different food cultures from an early age, and even today, for us, food is one of the most exquisite things in life. We decided to leave our small, charming home, "Switzerland," to bring a piece of home to Los Angeles by introducing RED DINING BOOK.

This wonderful project is not about finding and ranking the best and most beautiful restaurants in Los Angeles. Rather, it's about magic; that glorious combination of great food served well in an atmosphere that makes us feel good. We’ve selected restaurants where the experience of going out for a meal is elevated—the kinds of restaurants you can’t wait to tell your friends about. Places you can’t wait to visit again.

RED DINING BOOK presents restaurants that are run by people who bring not only expertise and creativity to the table, but these special restaurants deliver the heart, soul, and passion of their visionary restauranteurs and chefs with each bite.

RED DINING BOOK is on the one hand a restaurant guide and a premium voucher book, but on the other hand much more. With its stunning photography and high production values it becomes a photo book and a souvenir of many memorable meals and experiences enjoyed together. The guests’ restaurant visits will be acknowledged by the hosts with a signature or stamp, much the same as having one’s passport stamped.

With its unmistakable style and exciting array of restaurants, RED DINING BOOK is a passport to new and unique restaurants specially selected for their inventive and beautiful prepared and presented menus as well as a vibrant, fresh, and welcoming atmosphere. RED DINING BOOK invits you to new dining experiences.

Debbie & Carlo